High Frequency
Futures Trading

with up to 100x Leverage


Instant Execution

High Speed Trading

Zero Gas


A full featured, decentralized futures exchange without compromise.

Privacy and Security

Leverj allows users to trade with their own wallets or keys utilizing multi-signature accounts.
In addition, identities are secure and decentralized to avoid potential leaks of user information. The user's identity for any trade is simply a public key that controls the user's coins. Users can create new public keys at will, further obfuscating their identity.


Leverj is onboarding multiple partners to provide liquidity for its markets.
Currently, liquidity providers support its DAI denominated spot and futures markets to make trading efficient and effective. High frequency trading capability, and cost also means traders have more incentives to trade frequently and provide velocity in the market.

Order Flexibility

Leverj futures markets support multiple order types, including market, limit, stop-market, and stop-limit orders.
Reduce only order for effective management of exposure is also available. It's gas free and fast to cancel orders. Orders on the exchange are Good 'Til Canceled (GTC) and do not require participants to be online or in interactive mode for a suitable match.


Leverj uses Gluon, a bespoke and enhanced version of plasma that offers the scalability and speed of a centralized exchange.
Gluon is more efficient than zkRollups and Optimistic rollups based layer 2 technology for building a high speed self custodial exchange. ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups impose additional time and throughput constraints, which are not suitable for low latency and high throughput derivatives trading. Gluon has first class support for constructs like margin and has exhaustive fraud proofs for trading. This is why our fit for purpose Gluon network can deliver usability like a centralized derivatives exchange without compromising user security and privacy.


Exchange data is submitted with cryptographic certainty periodically to the Ethereum blockchain.
This allows any user of the exchange to check and audit the activities of the exchange. With the help of fraud proofs, users on Leverj are certain that front-running or other centralized exchange manipulation is not taking place. If a centralized exchange was performing these unfavorable actions you would be unaware and it may degrade your ability to trade with the best possibility of success. We provide a full block explorer for our layer 2 solution, Gluon. Since transactions take place on layer 2, it's important for users in real time to be able to view and verify any transaction submitted to Gluon with certainty, with a familiar and friendly user interface.

Instant Finality

Trades and transactions are submitted with instant finality.
This was our goal and what's necessary to create a centralized exchange experience on a decentralized exchange. If you are waiting for an order to submit, there could be latency issues where you miss a fill, or a stop is submitted too late. Slippages and problems like impermanent loss occuring because of this is a real problem on decentralized exchanges. Leverj completely avoids such losses. All actions on Leverj are recorded by the time they are submitted and every intent is cryptographically signed and provable.

Leverj is the first exchange built on customized Gluon technology.

Gluon is a Layer 2 scalable trading engine built on top of Ethereum, unlocking low fees and high frequency trading.

Perpetual Contracts