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The fastest decentralized futures exchange

LEVERJ is a decentralized derivatives trading platform. It was conceptualized and is developed by some of the sharpest minds in the world of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The core team brings with them years of experience building fast algorithmic systems, derivatives trading platforms, distributed high performing infrastructure, and mathematically sound models. Its built on the commitment of bringing the best of scale, security, and innovation to the domain of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Proof over trust is the guiding principle at Leverj. In the last few years, decentralization has become a coveted buzzword but few have cared to bridge the usability gap between decentralized and centralized systems. At Leverj, the emphasis has always been on building a system that makes it accessible to all. A system that performs like the fast centralized exchanges but gives a user full control of their assets at all times. To make this real, team Leverj has built Gluon, one of the most powerful layer 2 technologies for exchanges and leveraged trading.

Both experience and expertise are required to conceptualize something new, something truly path breaking. Experience teaches you what not to do. It avoids obvious pitfalls and accelerates learning. Expertise is necessary to innovate and to try things that don't have a precedent yet. The founders at Leverj have the history and learnings from their initial attempts to build a fast leveraged trading system on Bitcoin and from being very early adopters of cryptocurrency technology. Combined with that is the team's expertise in domains ranging from finance and technology to cryptography and game theory.

Leverj is here to change the game!

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