Highly competitive Trading fees

Gluon has zero network (gas) fees

Low Trading Fees

Just pay competitive low trading fees like a centralized exchange, while also benefiting from smart contract security and complete control of your assets. Zero gas fees while you trade, yet the full security and settlement of the Ethereum network.

Staking for Exchange revenue

100% of the fees revenue is used for securing the governance of Leverj through Staking. In fact, staking and referral rewards are a great way to offset your trading fees and participate in the growth of Leverj.

Futures Trade

Maker: 0.02%

Taker: 0.04%

Spot Trade

Maker: 0.0%

Taker: 0.0%

L2 Staking is now live

Fees collected are distributed to L2 token holders who stake their tokens.

Staking is now available at live.leverj.io. More information is available in the blog or in the FAQ

A community developed staking dashboard is available here.