Referral Program

Refer the best, forget the rest. Spread the word. Earn rewards.

How it works

Your friend uses your custom referral link to create an account and become a Leverj user.

Every time your friend makes a Futures trade, you will both get 20% of their commission back.

  • The referral program is on a 6 month basis.
  • The 6 months starts on the day they sign up.
  • You can refer as many friends as you want.
  • Initial launch offer of 20%*.
  • Payouts will be deposited monthly in L2** into your account.

Generate your referral link here:

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Referral Program FAQs

Yes! Your Ethereum address must be registered on in order to receive referral rewards.
There are no trading fees for Spot Trades, no Maker fees for Futures trades and 0.05% Taker fees for Futures trades. See fees page.
20% is the initial launch offer for the Referral Program and subject to change. You will receive this rate for the 6 months from the date your friend registered. If you are looking for lifetime rewards, you should consider staking L2 for an ongoing share of the total fees
Daily reports are run on the referral commissions in DAI/USDT. We use the daily VWAP price of L2 from CoinGecko to calculate the equivalent value of L2.
You can stake the L2 rewards to receive a share of the total fees in DAI/USDT, in fact this is the recommended way to maximise your earnings over time.
No there is no limit, you can refer as many friends as you want.
A 6 month limit is applied for each new friend you refer.
You will both receive the rewards for 6 months, starting on the day they sign up.The 6 month limit is specific to each friend you refer.
Payouts will be in L2 ONLY. Payouts will happen monthly and be transferred directly to registered users' Gluon accounts.
Referrer20% commission on all trading fees from accounts you referred
Referee20% rebate on your own trading fees
20% is the initial launch offer for the Referral Program and subject to change.
A Media Kit is on its way and will be available for download on this page soon.
Accumulate the payouts, and then stake the L2 to earn a share of the total fees from trading.
Don't know how to stake? Here is a quick tutorial: Staking Tutorial
“You should avoid referring anyone that is prohibited from trading on as they may be upset if they can’t register or trade because of their jurisdiction. Refer to the User Agreement for details.”

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